Anatomy and the architecture of living things inform my aesthetics and sense of structure. I study the morphology of oceanic beasts and beauties, and the skeletons of plants and animals. What intrigues me is finding recurring patterns and structures that emerge in the living world. Mutations particularly interest me because of the circumstances (perhaps unknown) that have affected the evolution of such traits. I also enjoy playing with ideas of perception by applying just a hint of a biological feature into an abstract form and then letting the observer interpret the resemblance.

My use of digital & generative methods has allowed me to explore form creation at the DNA level and has introduced a sense of complexity. I enjoy using light, not in its pure form, but embedded in material where the two interact symbiotically. Embedding light in a "carrier" allows it to be shaped. In my my recent work, I'm exploring the idea of making light as a "skin". Fueled by biotech and genetics, I am fascinated by the surreality of the times we live in. In a sense, I'm trying to make creatures of my own.